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La Grande Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Morris recommends that children be seen shortly after their first teeth have erupted.  This is just a free quick check and allows our team to review healthy diet and oral cleaning habits.

A first cleaning can sometimes be accomplished as young as three years old, but annual check before that should be done.

No Need To Be Afraid at Sea Brite Dental

Pediatric Dentistry in La Grande

We’ll start your little one with good dental habits to last a lifetime

We understand that the dentist can be a scary experience for children, and we work hard to make sure that your little one feels safe and comfortable.

Our team works carefully and closely with each child, explaining and showing everything as we go.  A television on the ceiling gives the children a distraction while any procedures are being completed.

If Dr. Morris feels she will be unable to calm your child enough to make the experience a positive one, she will refer you to a pediatric dentist who specializes in addressing fearful children.  The goal is to prevent turning good dental health into a negative experience that can potentially lead to a lifetime of dental phobia.

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