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Sedation Dentistry, La Grande

Sea Brite Dental offers solutions for phobic patients

We explain everything as we go, so you’ll know exactly what is happening.

Having dentistry done is a true invasion of ones personal space. This can lead to fears anywhere from mild to severe.

La Grande dentist, Dr. Morris and her team will do whatever it takes to make her patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes just explaining and showing exactly what the procedure entails is enough. However, for those patients whose fears are more extensive, we offer sedation dentistry with what Dr. Morris’s patients call the “happy pill”.

Welcome to Be Comfortable, Be Safe at Sea Brite Dental

The “happy pill” is called halcion. Similar to valium, a sedative, but with shorter acting properties, halcion allows the patient to relax and not be as stressed. You may doze in and out but you are never fully “asleep”. You can answer all our questions and visit with us, but the best part is you will not remember much if anything.

If you feel you need something to help ease the stress of having dental treatment, feel free to ask us about your options! (541) 963-2741
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