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Outside of Sea Brite DentalAt Sea Brite Dental, we’re interested in more than just your teeth. A growing body of research supports that there is a connection between your oral health and your overall health. As your dental health care provider, we have a unique opportunity to be a wellness center for our patients and impact their lives in a positive way.

A Focus on Your Full Body Health

Dr. Mehmet Oz from “The Dr. Oz Show” related, “The eye might be a window to your soul, but the mouth is the door to disease.”

Did you know that if the human body is chronically dehydrated, it will take water from your joints and saliva (which can result in dry mouth and subsequent cavities)? Or that lack of sleep (as is the norm for new mothers, shift workers, exam-cramming students, and our seniors that have trouble sleeping) makes your immune system run on high alert all the time? A mouth full of plaque and calculus will further stress a weak immune system.

Dr. Morris and the team at Sea Brite Dental want our patients to know that we have a progressive outlook and are up to date regarding the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body. Explaining the importance of regular care and hygiene appointments and excellent home care can give our patients powerful reasons to put their oral health at the top of the list of their daily priorities.

The Connection to Infection, Cancer, Diabetes and More

Oral infections have the ability to result in bacteria that may precede heart disease, certain cancers, respiratory diseases, diabetes and low birth weight babies.

The CDC reports that the number of diabetics in America has approached 25 million, 10% of the population. An equal amount are diabetic and do not know it, and there are a large group of pre-diabetics. Recent research has indicated that regular deep cleanings can positively influence glycemic control.

There is research that shows poor hygiene is associated with an increased risk of oral cancer. Not many people are aware that after controlling for cigarette smoking, periodontal disease was associated with an increased risk of kidney, lung, blood and pancreatic cancers.

Periodontal infection was reported to be one of the top five causes of chronic systemic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is believed to be the underlying cause of the many “age-related” diseases, heart disease being number one. Furthermore, gingivitis and periodontitis have been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes for years. In February of 2010, there was the first documented report linking pregnancy-associated gingivitis with the death of an unborn baby.

Enhance Your Oral Health

Are you concerned about the effect your teeth and gums might have on the rest of your body? Contact our friendly dentist office today to schedule your appointment with us!


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