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Dental Bonding at Sea Brite Dental

Small flaws in your smile can have a massive impact on the way you look. Something as simple as a chipped tooth or small gap can detract from your overall appearance. Fortunately, correcting those areas can be simple, straightforward and affordable thanks to cosmetic bonding.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Middle aged man with white hair and beardCosmetic bonding uses tooth-colored material to cover and restore tooth enamel. We use it on areas like:

  • Irregular surfaces
  • Deep stain
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps
  • Uneven edges
  • Exposed roots

You can think of bonding as a small overlay or “patch” to protect and cover the tooth surface that’s underneath.

Since bonding comes in a variety of colors (like white fillings), we can select the one that best matches the tooth being treated. When your appointment is over, you shouldn’t be able to tell where the bonding stops and your tooth starts.

Planning for Your Procedure

Most dental bonding treatments do not require local anesthetic. If they do, only a small amount is usually necessary. Since the tooth is being added onto, the outer surface is gently buffed to aid in a tight seal. We aren’t removing any decay or reducing tooth thickness, so you shouldn’t feel much at all.

When we’ve selected the best shade of composite, it’s shaped onto your tooth to rebuild the area of concern. We’ll use a small tool to create the right contours, curves and surface texture, mimicking tooth structure. Finally, a bright light is used to cure the material so that it’s fully hardened before you leave our office.

Making a Huge Impact

It’s funny how the tiniest of flaws can change the way you look and feel. Quickly covering them with dental bonding immediately erases the signs of any chips, gaps or stains. By improving just one tooth, you can instantly alter the appearance of your entire smile.

If you’ve thought that you needed to get a large-scale smile makeover, you may want to consider how adjusting one or two concerns can have just as big of an effect.

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Perfect for Any Budget

Perhaps the greatest advantage of bonding – besides how quickly it works – is the price tag. Compared to other types of cosmetic dentistry treatments, bonding is a relatively affordable solution for addressing aesthetic concerns. Depending on the size of the restoration, most bonding procedures cost about the same amount as a filling.

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