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Dental Implant Restorations at Sea Brite Dental

Dental implants are restorations made to mimic natural teeth. The biocompatible shape acts similar to a tooth root, fusing itself permanently into place. Not only are dental implants stronger than your healthy teeth, but they’re also designed to last for life.

But implants are only the lower “root” portion of your tooth replacement treatment. You’ll still need a fixed restoration on top of an abutment, which is seated on the implant (above your gums). Our office provides a variety of different implant restorations to fit your tooth replacement and lifestyle needs.

Illustration of dental implantSingle Tooth Implant Crowns

The most common type of implant restoration is a crown. Crowns (“caps”) rest on top of individual implants to make them look and function like an anatomical tooth. When designed properly, your friends and family should never know the difference.

With an implant crown, you brush and floss your smile as usual. It’s almost as if you had a new tooth all over again.

Implant-Supported Bridges

A traditional bridge sits on top of teeth to fill in a space up to two teeth in width. However, implant bridges can replace more teeth at one time. Either end is set on top of an implant instead of a tooth, making it possible to restore up to four or more teeth at once.

Which One Is Right for You?

We work closely with your implant provider to design and fit your custom restoration after your implant surgery. The streamlined process ensures efficient and affordable smile restoration.

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